Thursday, April 7

Wristlet 2.0

Here's my second attempt. I made it smaller and lined it. Unfortunately it's slightly too small, my phone barely fits, but frankly my phone is usually in my pocket anyway because I'm using the headphones. So I'm going to keep this one.
I also lined it. I really like it, although its not the best job.

I think the ones I make as gifts will be slightly larger and have the zipper along the top. That'll make them much faster to sew together.

Tuesday, April 5

Sewing Ups and Downs

Unfortunately I still don't have a finished dress to share. I put it on this weekend to mark the hem and realized that its too big! I'm not sure how this happened because I know I didn't lose that much weight, and my instructor never noticed.
Now I have to pull the sleeves off and and take it in at the side seams. I'm worried the collar may be too big as well, but I'm not reworking that. There's only so far I'm willing to go ;)

Today I tackled a smaller project to make myself feel better. I've been needing a small purse/wallet for when I go to the gym and other times I only want to take my iphone and a few cards. So I decided to make a wristlet. I looked around online and saw a few tutorials and adapted those to my liking. I a few squares from my Sunkissed by Sweetwater charm pack. I absolutely love this line! Its so happy and pretty. I still need to purchase a little clip so I can attach alonger strap, but I'm beyond happy with the result.

This was such an easy sew and the fabric put me in a great mood. I may decided to make one for each of my sisters and maybe even my sister in law. Who knows. I'm just happy I finished something with relatively few problems.

Saturday, April 2

My New Pressing Ham and a Groupon Addiction

Rather than buy an ugly pressing ham I decided to sew my own. It was relatively easy and since my uncle is a carpenter saw dust was easy to find.
It's not perfectly stuffed so I'll wait until the sawdust settles a bit then open it up and stuff some more.

I like the fabric and its cute a fun. Now that I've got my own pressing ham I can finish my dress sleeves.

Today I also bought my second groupon in as many weeks. The first one I bought was $25 for $50 at the running room so I couldn't pass that up. Today's is for my favourite accessory store: The Plaid Giraffe. $20 for $40 of merchandise. I'm loving this lol. I get to shop at my favourite stores AND save money!

Friday, April 1


Spring break is nearly over! Boo! I've had a great week though. Not much time spent at home and I'm fine with that. Monday was spent at the dentists office and my last sewing class. My dress isnt' quite finished, but it should be very, very soon.
I honestly can't remember what I did on Tuesday....hmmm.
Wednesday I hung out with one of my sisters and did some shopping.
Yesterday was spent waiting for my husband to get out of a meeting, and more shopping.
Today I slept in and made myself an Easter/Spring swag.
I got the idea from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs and went to work. It came together very quickly and even though I had to vaccuum the feathers and leaves off the carpet aftewards I'm thrilled with how it came out.

I think I'll leave it out past Easter since it's so happy. I love how the colours look against the grey walls. In fact I have yet to find a colour I don't like against the grey wall.
The weather here seems to finally be improving and the mountains of snow are slowly begining to melt. The sunshine is making me very happy as always. The best part of our long winters has to be the springs lol.
I may even go for a run outside this afternoon. We'll see if I'm motivated enough to get past the front door ;)